Baby Stuff Explosion

I’ve been thinking about this ever since I entered the last trimester…

I’ve been doing apartment diet long enough that I can (mostly) reduce my need for too much unnecessary stuff. But then you fall pregnant and your head shifts to providing for someone else and you get these lists of things you ‘need’ and suddenly – ARGH!

I’ve been pretty restrained so far but even so at birth this 3+kg bebe will already have:

  • a dresser / change table
  • half a closet (still empty but housing a lot of the stuff below)
  • a bouncer
  • a pram
  • a crib
  • a night light
  • a mini crib/bassinet
  • a baby bath and towels
  • swaddles & blankets
  • a mobile
  • toys
  • books
  • cute clothing

Admittedly, I’ve convinced myself that I’m being restrained because I haven’t actually bought all of these things, I’ve accepted them on loan and as gifts from friends and family, but even so!

But still, he’s going to be teeny, and he already owns all this stuff.

So, how did you all cope with the baby stuff explosion? And what strategies do you have for keeping it at bay?


* A little update as Nat wrote this a while ago – she is now the mother of a very cute little fellow – congratulations darling Nat! Tipxo


  1. Congratulations Nat on your little bundle of joy! x

    I think you’ve managed to do quite well by borrowing/loaning a lot of the stuff. They grow out of it ever so quickly. My only expensive purchases were the pram and cot. Both items we spent hours researching and the pram was brilliant up until the point he decided he wanted to walk everywhere. The cot he used until he was 4 as it was a cot bed. It still resides in our attic for that time when he may have his own child (yes a bit premature but I’m NOT selling it!)

    I was adamant not to buy too much gadgety stuff… after all our parents managed with us without heart monitors, auto swinging seats and the like! x

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