hem IS here!!!



So I’ve been meaning to tell you guys about this new concept store for a little while now, but with all that’s been going on for our impending launch (yes, we’re launching something too!!!), I’ve had my hands full.  But, it’s good timing anyway as they are now actually here and ready to take pre-orders. From the folk that started fab (which also bought out One Nordic) comes a brand that calls itself “High Modern Design Made Easy” – comes an IKEA flat-pack model but with private-label furnishings. A “luxury IKEA” as it were. Even better though is that you can order online and have it sent to you (IKEA has started but isn’t quite there yet as they have a different business model, unfortunately). Yahoo! No more dealing with furniture warehouses, wandering around for hours and then having to wait 6-8 weeks! BUT WAIT, there’s more – they also allow you to customise things some aspects! Very exciting stuff. Anyway, less yabbering from me, I’m sure that you want to see what they’ve got to offer so … some pictures for you to check out below.  For more, head over to hem’s webshop. Enjoy! Tipxo






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