Join Me On A Trip To The Design Museum (Part 1)

design museum holon photo by apartment diet

Some buildings just make me happy. This is one of them.

Happy Wednesday / Hump Day! My parents are in town and that means re-exploring the city, and heading outside Tel Aviv’s bounds…and where did that lead us?

The Design Museum in Holon.

Designed by Ron Arad the building is frankly, spectacular. But it’s also somehow, quiet and human scale. And while the exhibition spaces inside it are small, I forgot how fun it is simply to sit and enjoy a lovely well designed space.

design museum holon bench photo by apartment diet

I love how the light works. These are NOT adjusted photos. I took them with my iphone. It looks like this.

I’m obsessed with the custom benches that are pretty AND comfortable. And I especially loved how the center of the building was, for the most part, empty (except for the said benches).

On one hand it’s a very ‘heavy’ space, especially given it’s a steel and concrete structure. But something about the curves, and the light and the empty center, makes it almost light.

I must admit it also opened my eyes up to Issy Miyake and what he’s doing and thinking about the future of fashion. And there was a lovely exhibition on “gathering” with interesting furniture and lighting. But I’ll save that for a second blogpost tomorrow.

For now, I just wanted to share the building, and see if it inspires you too.

What do you think?

– natalie


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