Featured: Natalie’s House Tour on The Interiors Addict!!!


Yes, its a triple exclamation mark title because I am just. so. excited!!!  So excited.

We’ve been sitting on a little secret, patiently waiting until the lovely Jen of The Interiors Addict posted the feature of Nat’s apartment reno on her blog … but the wait is no longer!  It’s up!!! (I’m still excited.) So head over here for the post and more pics of Nat’s gorgeous place and of the gorgeous Natalie herself (& her little cutie Luke).

What are you waiting for? Go!


Photography credits: Asaf Kliger / Alan Tzatzkin

Weekend Links: Joy is The New Happy

floral headpiece by Anna Korkobcova and Ivanka Matsuba

Hello lovely peeps,
How is it almost the weekend already? Today I’m thinking about JOY. We talk a lot about Happy over here and we’ve been noticing lately that JOY is the new word being used – have you noticed it too? So this weekend I’ll be focused on things that bring me joy. I find it’s usually experiences (like hanging with friends over brunch, the Mr making me a coffee when I wake up…). What are you up to?

Speaking of what brings us joy, Tip and I are excited to be facilitating a course on creating a calm joyous home (by decluttering, letting go and creating new habits that last). Spaces are limited and the course starts on November 17. If your home isn’t working for you, or you’d just like to give it a refresh, we’d love to guide you towards JOY and relaxed in 5 weeks. In time for a stress-free holiday season. Join us or spread the word!
More details here.

And now for some joyous links to take you into the weekend :)

Natalie (+ Tip)

  joy is the new black apartmentdiet.com quote

Lara’s Kitchen Refresh: Before and After

We love a good before and after…so here’s a cool mid-week boost!

lara hotz before after kitchen transformation diy apartmentdiet

We’ve loved Lara Hotz‘s work as a photographer for years now but what’s happening in her home is equally inspiring and we’re excited that we get to share it today.

Sometimes we want to make so many huge changes we get overwhelmed. But a lot can be achieved with small changes: a simple change of materials (or fixtures or colours) can make all the difference.

Lara Hotz’s gorgeous kitchen refresh is one fabulous example.

– full instructions below. What do you think?


Lara Hotz kitchen before


  • Step 1: Measure your kitchen cabinets and have doors cut to size (or cut them yourself)
  • Step 2: Remove old doors (get out that drill or bring a friend over who’s handy with one to come help out) and everything in the cabinets
  • Step 3: Replace with new wooden doors
  • Step 4: Accessorize: Add shelf and new accessories and…

Voila! What a difference 3 wooden doors and a wooden shelf make!


Lara Hotz kitchen after

We’re proud to feature Lara’s handy work. Her DIY is impressive and we hope it inspires you to refresh your space with a few small changes.

And if you don’t know where to start or decide – connect and we’ll kick start your project and get you refreshing your space in one session. Yes, really.


Declutter Your Home – in time for a stress-free holiday season!

Grab your calendars and mark this date: NOVEMBER 17th

Why? Because that is when we are running our next group course “Declutter Your Home – create the home & lifestyle you love”, which will literally have your home stress-free in time for you to enjoy the holidays with family and friends. Registration opens today!


stress looks like mess declutter course apartmentdiet

Why should I do this course?

Imagine, being the host(ess) with the most(ess), welcoming your guests with open arms into your inviting, relaxing, fun, cozy, beautiful home … and the compliments that ensue. All your decorations are up (because you finally found the boxes they were in this year), the aromas of the meal you’ve cooked are wafting from your newly organised kitchen and you’re no longer on edge, worrying about what might happen should anyone open a cupboard or venture into a room that they shouldn’t…

Just imagine that. Feel it. See yourself laughing and experiencing a stress-free holiday season.

What’s the secret you ask? Well, for that you will have to join our interactive online course, where we show you exactly what to do, step-by-step, with simple exercises. Over 5 weeks.

BONUS: We’ll be facilitating the course and you’ll get access to a private forum.

Want to know more? Get more information and register here.

Friday Faves – Viaggio


How was your week? We’ve been busy behind the scenes with clients, visioning for 2015 and ecourse prep so it’s been quiet on the blog. But we haven’t forgotten about you!

Below are some links from our internet travels this week to inspire you over the weekend.

Happy weekend,

Nat + Tip

Perfect- French-Kitchen-Joseph-Dirand-via Remodelista- Apartmentdiet

Issy Miyake 132 5 + Gatherings – Design Museum Visit Part 2

Yesterday I shared my trip to the Design Museum Holon and how it had me inspired with it’s architecture. Today I take you inside the museum, into it’s two exhibition rooms on Gatherings. Like many of us, I can be inspired by things. But in this case, it was the experience of things, in the museum space, that inspired me. I hope they inspire you too…

issy miyake 132 5

If you’ve followed this blog and us on instagram for a while, you’ll know I am fond of folded things, knitted things and geometric things. Artists like Mika Barr and Jacqui Fink (whose has incidentally just opened her online store) to name a few. So imagine my delight to discover that the exhibition in the design museum was essentially on that.

Let’s following the buildings curves upward into a darkened room featuring “Gatherings”. While I can’t say all the elements – furniture and lighting – were my thing, I can happily say that several, the knitted lamps, pictured above, and the folded chair on the right, below, made me happy. Yes, happy.

gathering exhibit design museum holon by apartment diet

Downstairs however, was for me the biggest surprise and delight.

issy miyake 132 5 gaterhings design musuem apartmentdiet

I admit to being mildly interested in fashion. I admit to being swayed by trends. I admit to wearing a lot of black. I admit to having always liked Issey Miyake clothing. Even back in the day when a friend worked in his gorgeous little store in Paddington, Sydney.

But here, downstairs, Issy Miyake took me back to geometry.

To lovely folded genius of clothes. And to…

issy miyake 132 5 design museum apartment diet

…polyesther. (Did you think I was going to say origami? ;)

For the first time ever I also considered I would wear polyesther daily. If it meant I could wear this. (I have nothing against polyesther per say, but I do come from a hot country and live in one. Polyesther doesn’t breathe like cotton. Enough said).

This collection. Issey Miyake 132 5. It’s a commentary on the future of fashion. On things designed to last.

Maybe it’s been done before. I don’t care. There in the darkened room I wanted to wear every single piece of clothing.

issy miyake folded clothing 132 5 apartment diet

And for one extra delight. Those folded objects underneath the clothes being modeled is the clothing. Every piece is made of one folded painted piece. Mathematically calculated. With very few stitches. He considers it more industrial design than fashion. Which is probably why I like it. It’s form and function.

It was beautiful. Mathematically beautiful. And it was made to last.

Issey Miyake. You are a genius.

(Can you tell I had a good time?)

What do you think – do they inspire you too?

Join Me On A Trip To The Design Museum (Part 1)

design museum holon photo by apartment diet

Some buildings just make me happy. This is one of them.

Happy Wednesday / Hump Day! My parents are in town and that means re-exploring the city, and heading outside Tel Aviv’s bounds…and where did that lead us?

The Design Museum in Holon.

Designed by Ron Arad the building is frankly, spectacular. But it’s also somehow, quiet and human scale. And while the exhibition spaces inside it are small, I forgot how fun it is simply to sit and enjoy a lovely well designed space.

design museum holon bench photo by apartment diet

I love how the light works. These are NOT adjusted photos. I took them with my iphone. It looks like this.

I’m obsessed with the custom benches that are pretty AND comfortable. And I especially loved how the center of the building was, for the most part, empty (except for the said benches).

On one hand it’s a very ‘heavy’ space, especially given it’s a steel and concrete structure. But something about the curves, and the light and the empty center, makes it almost light.

I must admit it also opened my eyes up to Issy Miyake and what he’s doing and thinking about the future of fashion. And there was a lovely exhibition on “gathering” with interesting furniture and lighting. But I’ll save that for a second blogpost tomorrow.

For now, I just wanted to share the building, and see if it inspires you too.

What do you think?

– natalie


Friday Faves: DIY Geometric Floors, Ikea Hacks + Mmmmm

…And suddenly it’s the weekend again!

What are you doing? Tip and I are going to be hanging with family and friends over food (and coffee!). We’re also giving our heads a break after a busy week filled with the excitement of releasing our ecourse to the world “5 weeks to a Happy Home and cooking up more courses and plans for 2015. Hope you have a lovely weekend – and these links give you a lovely dose of inspiration, too!

xo Nat (& Tip)

And just in case those links weren’t enough…

PS If you’re looking to get your home into shape and a less stressful holiday period having guests round, our “5 Weeks To a Happy Home” online course may just be what you need. We help you say bye bye to overwhelm, bye bye piles. Learn more here.

Happy October, Happy Home & Our Happy LAUNCH!

1.OG: Treppenhaus

Aahhhhhh it’s October!

This week brought a new month and it also had us working crazy hard to launch something exciting!!!!!! (Yes, really this is how many exclaimation marks of excitement we feel!)

Happy Home – The eCourse is now LIVE

An interactive online course that shows you how to create a home that has your personality stamped all over it. With ease.

You’ve asked us and we’ve listened. Some people don’t want one-on-one sessions, or even a course over a set time.

So, as part of our mission to help you change, shed, purge, restart and reinvent, we’ve rolled up our sleeves and created the first of a series of fully-online, go at your own pace, fabulous eCourses: 5 Weeks To A Happy Home.

And, we’re asking all those in our community (that’s you dear lovely readers) to share this course with your nearest and dearest.

Read ALL about it here.


More Happy.
And because it’s Friday we can’t let you down on the inspiration + smile side. So here’s some things from the internets that made us happy this week! Hope they make you happy too!

 xo Nat + Tip