Make Mistakes

This week’s #happyhouserules is about overcoming decision paralysis – and making mistakes.

make misteaks monsieur cabinet

A common barrier that Tip & I hear about over & over is “What if I make a mistake?” or “I’m afraid I’ll choose the wrong colour, fabric” etc etc. These types of questions often serve to paralyze us from making any decision at all.

Our answer is simple. “So, what if you do?”

Some decisions are admittedly harder to fix then others, some are easier to ‘live with and design around’ but most are, at the end of the day, just a mistake. Sometimes one that adds character and was the best mistake you ever made or sometimes one that needs to be painted over, or sold.

Yes, you may have to buy new paint or a different rug. You may lose a bit of money. (Generally it’s only a little bit because most goods can be returned/sold). It’s not the end of the world nor something you can’t deal with. It’s just another step in your learning journey towards understanding your true style and what your home needs.

It’s much more freeing to just shrug and allow yourself to try things and yes, make the occasional misteak.

The funny part is that once you allow yourself…you don’t seem to make as many. Or maybe it’s just that when you do make one that your attitude has changed and you don’t consider it a mistake at all anymore. Maybe you’re just ballsier and more willing to ask a store if you can try out that rug in your home and return it if it doesn’t work rather than worrying and making do with no rug at all.

Of course things go wrong. You’ll try a new shade of paint. It’s awful. (Tip actually painted her kitchen wall electric blue for a brief moment – wrong for her space in so many ways!). But because you’ve accepted that this is part of trying things out when the mistake does happen you shrug, laugh and say oops…well that’s not going to work… and go buy another can of paint.

So, what purchase / change, ahem ‘mistake’, have you been avoiding? Off you go and make it!

(Image by Monsieur Cabinet – you can buy it as a poster too)

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