Oh how I miss you Berlin! Notes from The Hive Conference …


Time has flown since The Hive Conference in Berlin where Natalie and I gave a workshop on “How to create the life (home, work & other stuff) you love” and I keep thinking back to the weekend and just how much fun I had both at the conference and spending time with the girls in such a fun city as Berlin! As Natalie and I work remotely with each other, from Tel Aviv & Utrecht most of the time, it was so fabulous to have a few days in person with each other to chat and brainstorm our new business, Breathe + Shine. We are so incredibly excited to tell you more about it but it is a big vision and we are busy setting solid foundations for it before we launch.  Soon, lovelies, soon!  But for now, a little rundown and a few pictures of a great weekend in Berlin. If you have a chance to visit the city I would definitely recommend it. Also, if you’re a digital storyteller, blogger or tastemaker – then The Hive Conference would be a great place for you to go – the loveliest connections made there in such a friendly atmosphere created by Yvonne and the next one in 2016 will be Dublin – fab fab fab.

Nat and Tip workshop 1

Apparently we are both hand talkers – who knew? ;-)  Hahahahah. Yeah, OK. We totally knew. We had such a great time sharing our simple tools with our workshop participants that we’ve decided that we’re going to to do more of them.  The reviews blew us away and actually, it was fabulous to see folk able to take our exercises on board in real time and have AHA moments right in front of us about the things in their homes, work, lives AND blogs that were irking them!

Adored Tip & Nat at The Hive Conference on the power of your environment  ~ Ruth

…And that workshop with Apartment Diet today? Mind. Blown. These ladies are THE BOMB DOT COM… ~ Ellen

Just a couple of quotes from some bloggers at our workshop – sharing them because we are so darned proud of the work that we do and we realised that we also need to walk the talk and take a moment to stand tall and give ourselves a pat on the back.  We were disappointed to miss Dietland Wolf (pics below) as our workshops were on at the same time but maybe next time we will catch her in person!

Dietland Wolf combo 1

Besides listening to informative and inspiring speakers (Jana from Plique was a standout in my mind), meeting so many fabulous women and workshopping with a few of them, Natalie and I also had a chance to sample some tasty dinners and have a tiny wander in Mitte on the Monday.  Some highlights were dinner at Phohoi on Saturday (tasty, spicy and cheap Vietnamese Streetfood in Kreuzberg) & Dudu (Cool Asian Fusion in Mitte) on the Sunday with the lovely Elma & Iris & our mega financial planning session at The Klub Kitchen on the Monday (great coffee, music and decor) and an accidental find selling lovely interior accessories & gift items chain (jewellery, bags etc) Jean et Lili, also in Mitte.

4 square 2

4 square

I enjoyed Berlin so much that I am actually planning to take the family back there for a week of our summer holidays – I hardly scratched the surface of what the city had to offer. If you have any kid friendly recommendations for the city in the summer – do let me know!

Images by The Hive official photographer Bridgee Melling or ourselves.

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  1. I made a huge mistake in not taking your workshop during THE HIVE! I was in the room next door and we could hear you all laughing so hard a few times I had to keep myself from running over to see what all the fun and joy was about:-)

    • tip Author

      Hahahahaha Tina! Well we are hoping to run more so are trying to figure out which other conferences to pitch to at this stage!

  2. Hi Tip and Nat,
    Great reading your post about the Hive! Can’t believe it was already that long ago ! Time flies. I enjoyed dinner with you guys! Hope we meet again soon :-) thanks for mentioning me! And many greetings to Elma too
    XO Iris

    • nat

      I can’t believe it’s so long either! We loved meeting you too!! And I’m sure Tip wants dinner soon too :) wish I was there for it! til soon x nat

  3. I couldn’t attend The Hive this year, but I was there two years ago when it was also in Berlin and I agree, what a fantastic city! I cannot wait to go back.
    Also loving The Hive wall piece there! What is it made of?

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